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Academic-related Staff


Opportunities as of April 23, 2018

Ref. Posting Title Department Closing Date
201800554Lecturer in Landscape ArchitectureDepartment of ArchitectureJune 30, 2018
201800511Research Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Urban Planning and DesignMay 31, 2018
201800473Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of Family Medicine and Primary CareMay 18, 2018
201800518LecturerDepartment of Civil EngineeringMay 5, 2018
201800418Post-doctoral Fellow in Elderly Mental HealthDepartment of Social Work and Social AdministrationMay 15, 2018
201800428Principal Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/LecturerDepartment of LawMay 7, 2018
201800524Assistant Lecturer in FrenchSchool of Modern Languages and CulturesJune 1, 2018
201800520Post-doctoral Fellow in the Division of Behavioural SciencesSchool of Public HealthApril 30, 2018
201800500Research Officer/Assistant Research OfficerSchool of Public HealthMay 30, 2018
201800480Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of OphthalmologyMay 11, 2018
201800323Research Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Pharmacology and PharmacyJune 30, 2018
201800505LecturerDepartment of Computer ScienceMay 3, 2018
201800504Lecturer (two posts)Department of Computer ScienceApril 26, 2018
201800445Full-time/Fractional/Part-time Senior Lecturer/Lecturer (holding the title of Educational Psychologist)Department of PsychologyMay 4, 2018
201800477Research Assistant ProfessorDepartment of PsychiatryMay 31, 2018
201800498Assistant Research Officer (holding the functional title of Project Officer)Department of Social Work and Social AdministrationApril 22, 2018
201800471Research Assistant Professor/Post-doctoral FellowSchool of NursingMay 2, 2018
201800420Research Assistant Professor (RAP)/Post-doctoral Fellow (PDF) in Epidemiology or BiostatisticsSchool of Public HealthJune 30, 2018
201800450Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of SociologyApril 29, 2018
201800425Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Public HealthJune 22, 2018
201800356Lecturer / Assistant Lecturer (full-time / 50-80% fractional) in the Department of Real Estate and ConstructionDepartment of Real Estate and ConstructionApril 30, 2018
201800390Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Chinese MedicineJuly 31, 2018
201800396Post-doctoral Fellow in New Ultrahigh-Strength Structural MaterialsDepartment of Mechanical EngineeringApril 22, 2018
201800395Post-doctoral Fellow in AI, Deep Learning, Affective ComputingDepartment of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringApril 22, 2018
201800394Post-doctoral Fellow in Approaches for Simultaneously Improving the Performance and Stability of Perovskite Solar CellsDepartment of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringApril 22, 2018
201800350Post-doctoral Fellow in Dyslexia and Reading Comprehension Difficulties in ChineseDepartment of PsychologyApril 22, 2018
201800349Post-doctoral Fellow in Public Health and Healthy AgeingFaculty of DentistryApril 22, 2018
201800239Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of SurgeryApril 22, 2018
201800388Post-doctoral Fellow in Survival Analysis, Statistical Learning, Large-Scale Data Applications, Big Data, Deep Learning, Image AnalysisDepartment of Statistics and Actuarial ScienceAugust 22, 2018
201800387Post-doctoral Fellow in High-Dimensional Methodology, Econometrics of Large Panel Models, Random Matrix TheoryDepartment of Statistics and Actuarial ScienceAugust 22, 2018
201800386Post-doctoral Fellow in 2D Materials and Van Der Waals HeterostructuresDepartment of PhysicsApril 22, 2018
201800385Post-doctoral Fellow in Metals in Medicine: Overcoming Antimicrobial ResistanceDepartment of ChemistryApril 22, 2018
201800384Post-doctoral Fellow in Dynamic Colloidal Materials by Self-Assembly (Materials Chemistry)Department of ChemistryApril 22, 2018
201800383Post-doctoral Fellow in Chemical BiologyDepartment of ChemistryApril 22, 2018
201800382Post-doctoral Fellow in Cell Division, Chromosome Stability, Centromere Function, EpigeneticsSchool of Biological SciencesApril 22, 2018
201800381Post-doctoral Fellow in Biogeography & Community EcologySchool of Biological SciencesApril 22, 2018
201800380Post-doctoral Fellow in Plant BiotechnologySchool of Biological SciencesApril 22, 2018
201800374Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of OphthalmologyMay 11, 2018
201800308Post-doctoral Fellow in Cancer, Immunity and Cancer ImmunotherapySchool of Biomedical SciencesApril 22, 2018
201800268Post-doctoral Fellow in Population Determinants of Mental Health in Urban SettingsSchool of Public HealthApril 22, 2018
201800267Post-doctoral Fellow in Virus Host InteractionDepartment of MicrobiologyApril 22, 2018
201800266Post-doctoral Fellow in Translational Studies in Metastatic Gastrointestinal Tract Cancers for Personalized MedicineDepartment of Clinical OncologyApril 22, 2018
201800265Post-doctoral Fellow in DNA Damage Response & Down SyndromeSchool of Biomedical SciencesApril 22, 2018
201800264Post-doctoral Fellow in Investigating the Therapeutic Potential of SOX9 Knockdown-Human Neural Stem Cells in Rodent Spinal Cord Injury ModelSchool of Biomedical SciencesApril 22, 2018
201800263Post-doctoral Fellow in Cancer Genomics & BioinformaticsSchool of Biomedical SciencesApril 22, 2018
201800240Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Pathology and the Partner State Key Laboratory for Liver ResearchDepartment of PathologyApril 22, 2018
201800238Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of Pharmacology and PharmacyApril 22, 2018
201800237Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of PathologyApril 22, 2018
201800236Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of Paediatrics and Adolescent MedicineApril 22, 2018
201800113Post-doctoral Fellow (2 posts) in Pharmacoeconomics/Pharmacoepidemiology in the Centre for Safe Medication Practice and ResearchDepartment of Pharmacology and PharmacyMay 31, 2018
201800213Assistant Lecturer in ItalianSchool of Modern Languages and Cultures (Italian)May 15, 2018
201800211Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in FrenchSchool of Modern Languages and CulturesMay 15, 2018
201701253講師School of Chinese MedicineSeptember 30, 2018
201800031Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringMay 1, 2018
201800020Post-doctoral Fellow in Laboratory of Neuroscience for Education (NfE Lab)(2 posts)Faculty of Education
201800019Post-doctoral Fellow in Laboratory of Neuroscience for Education (NfE Lab)(2 posts)Faculty of Education
201800017Post-doctoral Fellow in Stress and LearningFaculty of Education
201701581Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Biomedical SciencesMay 1, 2018