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Academic-related Staff


Opportunities as of May 28, 2018

Ref. Posting Title Department Closing Date
201800680Post-doctoral FellowFaculty of Social Sciences
201800723Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Biomedical SciencesSeptember 30, 2018
201701253講師School of Chinese MedicineSeptember 30, 2018
201800697Post-doctoral Fellow in the Division of Nephrology of the Department of MedicineDepartment of MedicineSeptember 11, 2018
201800718Assistant Lecturer (several posts)School of NursingAugust 31, 2018
201800729Tutor/Assistant Lecturer (2 posts) in the School of Public HealthSchool of Public HealthAugust 30, 2018
201800388Post-doctoral Fellow in Survival Analysis, Statistical Learning, Large-Scale Data Applications, Big Data, Deep Learning, Image AnalysisDepartment of Statistics and Actuarial ScienceAugust 22, 2018
201800387Post-doctoral Fellow in High-Dimensional Methodology, Econometrics of Large Panel Models, Random Matrix TheoryDepartment of Statistics and Actuarial ScienceAugust 22, 2018
201800756Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of SurgeryAugust 1, 2018
201800717Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of OphthalmologyJuly 31, 2018
201800598Post-doctoral Fellow in Liver CancerDepartment of PathologyJuly 31, 2018
201800545Post-doctoral Fellow in Gastrointestinal Tract CancerDepartment of PathologyJuly 31, 2018
201800390Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Chinese MedicineJuly 31, 2018
201800731Tutor/Assistant Lecturer in the School of Public HealthSchool of Public HealthJuly 30, 2018
201800776Assistant Research Officer in the Department of PsychiatryDepartment of PsychiatryJune 30, 2018
201800724Post-doctoral Fellow/Research AssociateDepartment of ChemistryJune 30, 2018
201800715Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Biomedical SciencesJune 30, 2018
201800696Research Assistant ProfessorDepartment of MedicineJune 30, 2018
201800676Scientific Officer/Research Officer (holding the title of Bioinformatics Scientist)Li Ka Shing Faculty of MedicineJune 30, 2018
201800546Research Officer in Clinical PsychologySchool of Public HealthJune 30, 2018
201800615Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Biomedical SciencesJune 30, 2018
201800581Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of ChemistryJune 30, 2018
201800554Lecturer in Landscape ArchitectureDepartment of ArchitectureJune 30, 2018
201800323Research Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Pharmacology and PharmacyJune 30, 2018
201800420Research Assistant Professor (RAP)/Post-doctoral Fellow (PDF) in Epidemiology or BiostatisticsSchool of Public HealthJune 30, 2018
201800687Lecturer in the Chinese Language Centre (CLC)School of ChineseJune 22, 2018
201800634Research OfficerSchool of Biomedical SciencesJune 22, 2018
201800425Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Public HealthJune 22, 2018
201800760Assistant Lecturer (part-time 50%) in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences of the Faculty of EducationFaculty of Education (Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences)June 15, 2018
201800694Research Associate/Senior Research Assistant in the Division of Breast Surgery of the Department of SurgeryDepartment of SurgeryJune 15, 2018
201800698Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of OphthalmologyJune 12, 2018
201800738Post-doctoral FellowFaculty of Social SciencesJune 11, 2018
201800737Research Officer (holding the title of Project Manager)Faculty of Social SciencesJune 11, 2018
201800742Lecturer (full-time / 50% fractional) in Urban DesignDepartment of Urban Planning and DesignJune 10, 2018
201800722School Development Officer (at the rank of Assistant Lecturer)Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research within the Faculty of EducationJune 8, 2018
201800704Assistant Lecturer in Japanese StudiesSchool of Modern Languages and CulturesJune 8, 2018
201800666Senior Lecturer/Lecturer/Senior Professional Practitioner/Professional Practitioner in Entrepreneurship in Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology jointly in the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine (School of Biomedical Sciences) and the Faculty of Science (School of Biological Sciences)Li Ka Shing Faculty of MedicineJune 8, 2018
201800665LecturerDepartment of PsychologyJune 8, 2018
201800586LecturerFaculty of EngineeringJune 8, 2018
201800769Assistant LecturersCentre for Applied English StudiesJune 6, 2018
201800524Assistant Lecturer in FrenchSchool of Modern Languages and CulturesJune 1, 2018
201800020Post-doctoral Fellow in Laboratory of Neuroscience for Education (NfE Lab)(2 posts)Faculty of Education
201800019Post-doctoral Fellow in Laboratory of Neuroscience for Education (NfE Lab)(2 posts)Faculty of Education
201800017Post-doctoral Fellow in Stress and LearningFaculty of Education
201800713Lecturer in HistorySchool of HumanitiesMay 31, 2018
201800712Lecturer in Gender StudiesSchool of HumanitiesMay 31, 2018
201800711Lecturer in LinguisticsSchool of HumanitiesMay 31, 2018
201800668Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of Clinical OncologyMay 31, 2018
201800648Post-doctoral Fellow in Theoretical CMP and AMO PhysicsDepartment of PhysicsMay 31, 2018
201800580LecturerFaculty of Business and EconomicsMay 31, 2018
201800511Research Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Urban Planning and DesignMay 31, 2018
201800418Post-doctoral Fellow in Elderly Mental HealthDepartment of Social Work and Social AdministrationMay 31, 2018
201800477Research Assistant ProfessorDepartment of PsychiatryMay 31, 2018
201800450Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of SociologyMay 31, 2018
201800113Post-doctoral Fellow (2 posts) in Pharmacoeconomics/Pharmacoepidemiology in the Centre for Safe Medication Practice and ResearchDepartment of Pharmacology and PharmacyMay 31, 2018
201800500Research Officer/Assistant Research OfficerSchool of Public HealthMay 30, 2018