Research Assistant Professor / Post-doctoral Fellow


Applications are invited for a number of positions as Post-doctoral Fellow (PDF) and Research Assistant Professor (RAP) at the University of Hong Kong. Appointments will be made for a period of 2 to 3 years and the appointees must be in post on or before July 31, 2019.

PDF and RAP posts are created specifically to bring new impetus and vigour to the University's research enterprise. Positions are available from time to time to meet the strategic research needs identified by the University. Positions are available in the following Faculties/Departments/Schools/Centres/Units:

Post-doctoral Fellows

PDFs are expected to devote full-time to research. Applicants should be doctoral degree holders having undertaken original research that has contributed to the body of knowledge. A highly competitive salary commensurate with qualifications and experience will be offered. Annual leave and medical benefits will also be available.

Research Assistant Professors

The main focus of an RAP's duty is research. RAPs can, however, be assigned some teaching duties, up to 50% of the normal teaching load. Applicants should be research active and have a proven publication record. A highly competitive salary commensurate with qualifications and experience will be offered, with a contract-end gratuity and University contribution to a retirement benefits scheme (totalling up to 15% of basic salary). Annual leave and medical benefits will also be offered.


Prospective applicants are invited to refer to the list below of the Faculties/Departments/Schools/Centres/Units and their research areas for which PDF/RAP positions are currently available. Before preparing an application, they should contact the Head of the appropriate academic unit, or the contact person as specified, to ascertain that their research expertise matches the research area for which a vacant PDF/RAP post is available.

Applicants must submit a completed University application form which should clearly state the position they are applying for and the academic discipline. They should also provide further information such as details of their research experience, publications, and research proposals.

Application forms (341/1111) can be downloaded at and further particulars can be obtained at Closes October 20, 2018, unless otherwise specified in the advertisement of individual posts. The University thanks applicants for their interest, but advises that only candidates shortlisted for interviews will be notified of the application result.

Opportunities as of September 25, 2018

Ref. Post Department/Academic Unit Research Area Application must be sent to
201801353PDFThe Swire Institute of Marine ScienceMarineGEO - Hong Kong: Towards an Understanding of Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function (Ecology & Biodiversity Research Division)

201801318PDFSchool of Public HealthBig Data Analytics for Real-time Prediction of Influenza Epidemics

201801317PDFSchool of Public HealthThree Dimensional Human Airway Organoid Cultures: A Noval Approach to Study Influenza Virus Tropism and Pathogenesis

201801341PDFSchool of Biomedical SciencesHepatocarcinogenesis 

201801340PDFSchool of Biomedical SciencesWnt/PCP Signaling in Breast Cancer Metastasis


201801321RAP/PDFSau Po Centre on AgeingEnvironmental Gerontology

201801386PDFFaculty of DentistryNanomedicine for Oral/Periodontal Care

201801381PDFDepartment of Urban Planning and DesignMega-City Region Development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Big Bay Area

201801348PDFDepartment of PsychologyBrain and Cognitive Sciences

201801320PDFDepartment of PsychologyMachine Learning or Neural Network Modeling for Brain and Mental Health Data

201801316RAP/PDFDepartment of Pharmacology and PharmacyApplication of Machine Learning Method to Evaluate Outcomes of Pharmacotherapy

201801319PDFDepartment of PathologyCancer Immunology and Immune Therapies

201801339PDFDepartment of MicrobiologyInvestigating Viral Infections and Virus-host Interaction in Human Intestinal and Airway Organoid Model 

201801338PDFDepartment of MicrobiologyHost Defense Mechanism Against Influenza A Virus Infection 

201801337PDFDepartment of MedicineBrowning of White Adipose Tissue as a New Therapy for Obesity and its Medical Complications 

201801361PDFDepartment of Mechanical EngineeringMaterials and Energy

201801360PDFDepartment of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringDeep Neuronal Activities Research through Octave-spanning Nonlinear Optical Imager Incorporating Novel Super-broadband Fiber Laser and Wavefront Engineering

201801359PDFDepartment of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringAI, Deep Learning, Social Networks

201801358PDFDepartment of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringBiomedical Imaging/Brain Circuits Neuroscience

201801357PDFDepartment of Civil EngineeringHigh Performance Steel Structures

201801356PDFDepartment of Civil EngineeringSustainable Stormwater Management

201801366PDFDepartment of ChemistryOrganic Synthesis

201801365PDFDepartment of ChemistrySynthetic Chemistry

201801352PDFDepartment of ChemistryFluorescent Probes for Super-resolution Imaging

201801351PDFDepartment of ChemistryNanomaterial and Soft Matter Physics

201801350PDFDepartment of ChemistryChemical Biology

201801349PDFDepartment of ChemistrySupramolecular Chemistry of Mechanically Interlocked Compounds